A Blog About Introversion.
November 6, 2020

Welcome to Hermit.fun

Welcome to Hermit.fun! My name is Cheri, I’m a writer from Seattle, WA, and I’ve created this hobby blog to explore my thoughts about solitude, introversion, voluntary simplicity and related topics.

Why make a hobby blog? This web project grew out of one of my journal retrospectives. Every six months I go through my old paper journals to look for patterns, stuckness, and unresolved issues. And for a while now I’ve been feeling a strong call toward introversion. I’ve been craving more solitude, more privacy, and a certain degree of distance from what often feels like a frenetic, amoral world.

Why am I wrestling with introversion now? Who knows? Change is a normal part of the human experience. But I suspect that some of my unease comes from my authorial ambitions. When I was just another random person on the internet, I didn’t much care who read my blog posts. But now that I’ve got readers visiting my website in search of book information I feel vulnerable anytime I post something other than a cheery writing update.

To sum up my inner struggle:

  • I want to be alone, a lot.
  • I’m more hesitant to share what I’m thinking and feeling, because those things feel private. Yet this feels like a loss, because self-expression is one of the ways I make meaning in my life.
  • I dislike being hyperconnected and hyperinformed.
  • While I tend to enjoy social gatherings in-the-moment, I often dread them for days beforehand.
  • Now that I’m an author, I’m less comfortable being myself on the internet. This too feels like a loss because I enjoy connecting with other humans on the internet.

For a while I’ve wondered: Do I want to be a Hermit?

I think I’d enjoy being a hermit so long as I could take my husband with me. But in a practical sense it won’t work. I value connections with my family and friends, I enjoy living in my beautiful and bustling city, and I embrace the Stoic notion of Cosmopolitanism, an affirmation that humans are social creatures by nature, meant to live and work in community for the common good.

Still, I think it’s worthwhile to give my hermity feelings some space to spread out. I might not be going full hermit. But I intend to have some hermit fun.

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